Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day In The Life

A day in the life of a Sister Missionary in Nebraska!
So, Sister Missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission (NOM) are a little bit different than most Sister Missionaries in the church. We serve in the Mormon Trail Center as well as serving in our assigned areas. This means that we have half of the time in our area than a normal missionary would, so we have to make our time count! Usually a day would look something like this:

6:20 am Wake up!
6:30 am Work out at the Trail Center
7:00 am Shower/get ready
8:00 am Personal Study
9:00 am Companion Study
10:00 am Book of Mormon Study
10:30 am Travel to our area
11:00 am Area! (So we teach lessons, tract, whatever we have planned for the day)
2:30 pm Travel to the Trail Center
3:00 pm Tours at the Trail Center
9:00 pm Go home and plan for the next day
9:30 pm Get ready for bed
10:30 pm Lights out!

Sometimes its a little bit different, depending if we're working the morning or afternoon shift at the Trail Center. Some days we evenwork there all day, and some days we don't work there at all. It's all about being flexible and ready to adjust plans. I love it!

These 2 pictures courtesy of Sister Bielefeldt. :)

We get to drive over this bridge on our way to the Kanesville Tabernacle.  It's supposed to represent a sunset.

Our investigators are good! No huge progress, but small steps for sure. That's all that we can really ask, right? We're focusing on two people this week. One's name is Felicia. She is awesome! We're hoping to set her for baptism this week. She has been investigating the church for a long time. Like 2 years. We've seen some amazing changes in her recently though, and we think that she is ready to be baptized! It's been a long road for her, but she has her life all in order now and has truly seen what the Gospel can be in her life.

The other that we're focusing on is named Petria. She's also awesome! We want to set her too. She actually referred herself off of an add that she saw on TV. She's been taught for a few months. There have been some ups and downs with her, but I think that she's really starting to understand. She got a blessing last week and ever since, she's been really dedicated. We asked her to read 1 Nephi 8, but when we called to follow up with it she said that she read 1 Nephi 1-18. She's SO great!
Oh and we're also teaching a woman named Betty. We've taught her the restoration twice and I think that we need to teach it again the next time that we see her. She's very sweet though and so willing to try to understand! 
There's another investigator that is just struggling with acting on what she knows. She doesn't want to come to church because she doesn't like meeting people. And before I got here she read in 3 Nephi that we are damned if we take the sacrament she doesn't want to do that either...great. 
We've been finding some great people though! That's a huge answer to prayer for us! Now we just have to find the time to see all of them..

I'm learning so much here! I love being a missionary, it's the best thing ever!!