Monday, May 5, 2014

Miracle of the Week

Awesome miracle of the week:

For some background: Our phone went caput a few weeks ago, and we had to get another one, so all of out contacts were lost. As a result, we get a lot of phone calls from numbers that we don't know. 

Fast forward to this week:

We were out in our area and stopped at a gas station to go to the bathroom (any guesses about who asked to stop? haha)

Sister Peterson and I were waiting for Sister Rogers, and I heard this music. For some reason it didn't register that it was our phone, and I missed the call.
I usually don't call or text people back...especially when I don't know the phone number. I'm awful, I know. haha.  But for some reason, I immediately called the phone number back to find out who it was.
This lady answered the phone and started saying that she called the wrong number and that she was trying to reach someone else, and that she was sorry for calling. So I told her that she was just fine and that it totally happens. Somehow, we ended up striking up a conversation. She asked what we did as missionaries, and a little bit about the church. 

We ended up teaching a whole lesson over the phone, complete with scriptures from the Book of Mormon.The timing of it was so perfect because we were able to talk about things that were happening in her life, and how the gospel can help her to have peace through trials. 

As it turns out, her neighbor is LDS, and has the missionaries over all the time. She said that usually when the missionaries knock on her door, she ignores it.
I asked her if she would want missionaries to come and talk to her and tell her more. She said yes!
We happened to know the Sisters that are in her area, so we called them up and they went and visited her. 

It was such a miracle! Everything had just lined up perfectly for that phone call. We probably wouldn't have had a conversation if I had just answered the phone the time that she called. Heavenly Father always has a plan!

We also had our exchanges this week! I went with Sister Jensen (my old companion from Loess Hills!) and Sister Rogers to the Ralston Area, and Sister Peterson stayed with Sister Seguin in Rockbrook.
Exchanges were SO fun! It honestly felt like I was just hanging out with my friends, but we were also doing missionary work, which makes it 10 times better!
On exchanges, we did service, talked to a LOT of people, and taught their awesome investigator that is getting baptized this weekend. It was SO great!

Those were the highlights of the week!