Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

This week was GREAT!! We have an awesome investigator who set himself for baptism last night. We haven't really taught the WOW to him, but he's already started living it. He loves the Book of Mormon and reads everyday. Hes awesome and super solid!!I think the best part was finding out that he gave up chocolate because he wasn't sure if it was allowed because of the caffeine in it. I think that he's more dedicated than I am! We set it all straight though. haha

Working at the Trail Center with Sister Bowles

 The visitors center is awesome! I took an awesome tour this week! It was with two men from California, but they were originally from Korea. One was a life long member and the other was a convert. He is getting ready to be sealed to his family next month! It was so cool to get to testify about temples and temple blessings. I asked them towards the end of the tour how the Book of Mormon influences their lives and one said something that I will never forget. He got really quiet and then said with so much reverence in his voice, "I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon. It has changed me." It was so cool and the spirit was so strong! I will never forget it.

Going out to dinner with a ward member

You asked about my birthday. Ummmm...I dont know...This is kind of cheezy, but I want everyone to write down their testimony and to send it to me :)

Today we went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, Nebraska. It was pretty legit!  It's about 30-40 minutes away, so we got some senior couples to drive us out :)

Since you asked about where I live, I live in a house in Council Bluffs! Council Bluffs is the WEIRDEST place ever. But I love it! The other day we were driving home and I saw a bathtub in someone's front yard. And it was normal. That about sums Council Bluffs up. haha it's way goofy and we meet the craziest people. It's SO fun! I'll take some pictures of places around Council Bluffs and send them next week!

(Note from Randi - I received this surprise "video" and thought blog visitors might enjoy hearing it:)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Miracles and Dominos

Sister Harris and Sister Farnsworth

Conference was AWESOME!!! Oh my gosh, best thing ever! We didn't get to watch priesthood :( But I'll get to read the talks in the Ensign, so that's good! I LOOVED Elder Hollands talk! So perfect! I was seriously freaking out during it. I also really loved Elder Nelson's talk during the Sunday afternoon session (I think?) I love that he talked about how the Spirit is an eternal entity, and how we were chosen to be here now because of the spiritual attributes that we displayed before the earth life. Pretty cool. I also loved that he said, "Sin is always sin to God, even if it is legalized by man". That's not the exact quote, but I love it! God is unchanging and of course His standards would never change either, even if ours as human beings do!

We got a little bit of snow last week, but not enough to stick to the ground. It was mostly rainy for a day or two.  My coat would be awesome! It's starting to get a little bit chilly here. 

I thought of something that I need! Do we have an extra GPS somewhere? If not it's totally fine. I was just wondering :)

So a cool miracle of this week:
I can't remember if I told you about Susan ever, but she was someone that I found and taught a little bit in Bellevue First! Then I got transferred to Plattsmouth and the Sisters in Bellevue kept teaching her. She moved away to North Carolina a little bit ago and I found out that she got baptized!! Super exciting! But this week, I walked into the Trail Center to watch conference and there was Susan, sitting there! She moved back to Nebraska because she felt like she needed to be here. It was so cool to see her and talk to her a little bit! It turns out that her kids living at home got baptized too! And one of the boys that wasn't living at home met with the missionaries, got baptized, and is getting ready to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood! SO cool! It's so cool to get to see the domino effect of one person's decision. The decisions that we make, whether good or bad truly effect everyone else around us! I hope that we all choose to make good decisions!

I LOOVE the pictures of Estes Park! And I love the video of Mary and Yogi playing the piano. Hows Mary doing anyways? And Hannah and Andrew going to the temple?

I heard from Brandon this week! That was the BEST!! I don't hear from Hannah though... and it's been a few weeks since I've heard from Mary...
At least you didn't forget about me! haha

I pray for you every day too! And prayer roll too, when I get the chance. 

I really am feeling a ton better, which is good.  My headaches are SOOO much better.  Switching meds was HARD, but I really am doing better.
It was so fun to talk to you!! Have a great week! Love you so much!!
Sister Harris

The 2 Sister Harris' working in the NOM right now!

Training meeting musical number  --The Olive Tree with Sister Hanks and Sister Peterson.
 I also sang a Kenneth Cope song by myself.