Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Louisville!

This has been the craziest week ever. The move was good, I am good, and the new place is great! Louisville is the smallest town that I have ever been in. It's amazing! Just far from everything. There are like 15 miles of corn fields that separate it from Plattsmouth. 

 This area is a full proselyting area.  I should be going back to the Trail Center pretty soon, though. Unless my mission call gets changed or something. But President wants all of the TC sisters to be full proselyting for 2 transfers and then to go back. So we'll see what happens. :)

 I don't know if you can see the sheep in this picture...but they're there. And they're awesome! This is part of the front yard of where we are living!



Also, this fake moose will scare the heck out of you if you are wandering around at night looking for the spare key because you locked yourself out of the house when you went to grab something out of your car...

I didn't scream luckily.



It's super pretty! Sometimes you can see the humidity in the air hanging over the corn fields. Mostly on the really hot days. Luckily we haven't had a ton of those. I have noticed that when we walk around on hot days I start to get really bad headaches and nausea and sometimes dizzy. So it's been a tender mercy that it hasn't been very hot at all lately. Gatorade has definitely been helping. Luckily Sister Huss gets really bad migraines too, so we can help each other when someone gets one.

The investigators are good! One came to church yesterday, but came like an hour and a half late and couldn't find us for a bit. Then a lady in the ward found him and showed him where we were. We are working with a ton of less actives and having good success with them, so that's been good! 

 I LOOOVED getting all the family reunion letters! They couldn't have come at a more perfect time! It has been a very stressful week for me. We're just trying to figure out miles and everything. It also feels kind of like starting over in a new area since we're so far out there with no investigators. Sometimes I feel  isolated from everyone and everything.

But it's ok! It'll be good, I'm sure!

A few more pic's:

 This is a crazy bridge in Iowa. It's supposed to represent tornadoes or something...all I'm saying is that if there is a real tornado that hits that bridge, we're all in trouble!

 Best road name ever. I feel like Dr. Seuss every time I say it!

 A sign that was in a bathroom at the mall

I hope everybody has a great week!  Love you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kid Quotes

I LOOOVE the Lake Powell pictures!! It looks so fun! I can't believe how big Yogi is getting. Sweet boy!!

Today has been a crazy one! We found out today that we're moving...eek! So we've spent the morning packing and we're hoping to be out of the house by 5 tonight. We've moving in with our relief society president who is AMAZING! So that's good. She lives in Louisville, a tiny town at the edge of our area, so I have no idea how miles will work out. But it will somehow I'm sure.

We've started writing down some of the best kid quotes from member meals and from lessons. Here are my favorites of this week:
  • We were having a family act out the story of Nephi building the boat from 1 Nephi 17.  We finished the acting and clapped and everything and one of the little girls shouts, "And then all the animals came!"
  • One is from a little boy who was rolling around on the floor saying, "I'm going to throw up! I need ice cream!"
  • And then one from a little girl who said loudly over everyone at the dinner table, "Let's just all be quiet and let the missionaries talk"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures and More Pictures

Our church building...it looks like every other church building, but I thought that it was a good picture.
This week has been great! Yesterday was AMAZING! We had a less active who we've been working with for a while come to church! She hasn't been since at least 2010. I think that everyone was in shock...I know that we were! She also offered to have us over in her home to teach her friends sometime this week. Amazing!
We also had a part member family come to church. We sat with the mom in relief society and were chatting with her after church when the dad saw us. They haven't seen us since before transfers and didn't know if we both stayed or not. When he saw us, he ran up and said, "You both stayed!" And gave us both a hug. I wish that I had pictures of our faces, because I'm SURE that they were hilarious! Then he said, "When are you coming over?" hahaha At least we know that they like us!
So anyway, it was a good Sunday.

Some random pictures:

A weird looking bug that I saw.
Me with an abnormally large zucchini (not even the biggest one of the group, I found out later)

Just in case you weren't sure where the fire hydrant was...
And some turkeys that were outside of a members house that we were eating dinner with. They're wild Turkeys and they're all over the place! I've never had a run in with one, though. Thank goodness!

Also, this is what happens when you drop your hair spray on your ankle.

I just remembered that you are at Lake Powell this week!!
If you get this while you're there, tell everyone that I say hello and that I love them!

 Some pictures of a little town that we serve in called Louisville. 

We got to spend some time in Louisville this week, one of the little towns in our area. It's TINY. But cute! It's very similar to Plattsmouth, actually. Just less people.

We saw lots of corn fields  :)  It's not uncommon for neighborhoods to be separated by random corn fields here, so we see lots of them in our area. It's weird to say, but they are actually really pretty! I wish that I could capture it on camera, but I think its being totally surrounded by corn and soy as far as you can see that's so cool.
There's this cute little family in our ward who's house we went over to for dinner this week. Their little girl is almost 2 years old and she just kept saying funny things! My favorites was, "Jesus. Baptized." She just said to so matter of fact. It was so adorable!
Anyways, I hope that you are having a wonderful time at Lake Powell! Be safe and don't do anything stupid, Runyan Family!

I do get to quickly read my blog comments during my once a week computer time, so say hello if you want to!