Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kid Quotes

I LOOOVE the Lake Powell pictures!! It looks so fun! I can't believe how big Yogi is getting. Sweet boy!!

Today has been a crazy one! We found out today that we're moving...eek! So we've spent the morning packing and we're hoping to be out of the house by 5 tonight. We've moving in with our relief society president who is AMAZING! So that's good. She lives in Louisville, a tiny town at the edge of our area, so I have no idea how miles will work out. But it will somehow I'm sure.

We've started writing down some of the best kid quotes from member meals and from lessons. Here are my favorites of this week:
  • We were having a family act out the story of Nephi building the boat from 1 Nephi 17.  We finished the acting and clapped and everything and one of the little girls shouts, "And then all the animals came!"
  • One is from a little boy who was rolling around on the floor saying, "I'm going to throw up! I need ice cream!"
  • And then one from a little girl who said loudly over everyone at the dinner table, "Let's just all be quiet and let the missionaries talk"


  1. Love you. Love to hear your stories. Hope it will work out well to live with your RS President.
    I am working on quilts. I have 3 that are all patriotic. I have had lots of red, white and blue over the years. So cutting it all up and making quilts has been very fun. Some of the fabrics are about 45 years old. I used to make clothes for the kids for July 4th. I ll bet there are some beautiful quilts where you are serving. The mid west is well known its love of quilting
    My Vt. comp and I teach a little lady that joined the church about two years ago. Rosie was a lifetime Catholic. She joined just after
    her husband died 2011. She heard on the November Conference that LDS believe in Eternal Marriage. She listened to the missionaries, gave up coffee, and was baptized. One year later she went to the Temple in Mesa got her own endowment and was sealed to her husband. She is in her 90"s. She loves her sister missionaries who visit her once a week. She is now home bound. She says "the Missionaries are so jolly." She loves to learn of the joys of the gospel. There are people in our ward that think she needs to learn the hard doctrines of the gospel. I think learning the joys of the gospel is the best possible teaching at this point. I keep thinking of you in that position and know how sweet, loving, kind and concerned you are.
    Love you so very much, always and ever. Gramzer

  2. I love the kid quotes, Lucy!! ;)


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