Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures and More Pictures

Our church looks like every other church building, but I thought that it was a good picture.
This week has been great! Yesterday was AMAZING! We had a less active who we've been working with for a while come to church! She hasn't been since at least 2010. I think that everyone was in shock...I know that we were! She also offered to have us over in her home to teach her friends sometime this week. Amazing!
We also had a part member family come to church. We sat with the mom in relief society and were chatting with her after church when the dad saw us. They haven't seen us since before transfers and didn't know if we both stayed or not. When he saw us, he ran up and said, "You both stayed!" And gave us both a hug. I wish that I had pictures of our faces, because I'm SURE that they were hilarious! Then he said, "When are you coming over?" hahaha At least we know that they like us!
So anyway, it was a good Sunday.

Some random pictures:

A weird looking bug that I saw.
Me with an abnormally large zucchini (not even the biggest one of the group, I found out later)

Just in case you weren't sure where the fire hydrant was...
And some turkeys that were outside of a members house that we were eating dinner with. They're wild Turkeys and they're all over the place! I've never had a run in with one, though. Thank goodness!

Also, this is what happens when you drop your hair spray on your ankle.

I just remembered that you are at Lake Powell this week!!
If you get this while you're there, tell everyone that I say hello and that I love them!

 Some pictures of a little town that we serve in called Louisville. 

We got to spend some time in Louisville this week, one of the little towns in our area. It's TINY. But cute! It's very similar to Plattsmouth, actually. Just less people.

We saw lots of corn fields  :)  It's not uncommon for neighborhoods to be separated by random corn fields here, so we see lots of them in our area. It's weird to say, but they are actually really pretty! I wish that I could capture it on camera, but I think its being totally surrounded by corn and soy as far as you can see that's so cool.
There's this cute little family in our ward who's house we went over to for dinner this week. Their little girl is almost 2 years old and she just kept saying funny things! My favorites was, "Jesus. Baptized." She just said to so matter of fact. It was so adorable!
Anyways, I hope that you are having a wonderful time at Lake Powell! Be safe and don't do anything stupid, Runyan Family!

I do get to quickly read my blog comments during my once a week computer time, so say hello if you want to!


  1. I LOVE th pictures! It warms my heart to see what you see.... Even if its just a small part of it. Those turkeys look a little scary!

    Us? Do something stupid aPowell? Never! Unless you count making a string of 10-12 tubes on one long rope, tying one end to the ski boat and towing them along while people jump from one to the next. I nicknamed it "the gauntlet"

  2. Sorry about the weird spelling and partial comment... My phone is being weird.

    We love you so much and we are so happy to see that you are happy and doing well!!

  3. So fun to see the pictures. Gavin loves the bug. We missed you at Powell!

    I love how the pictures look like "a day in the life of "sister Harris".

    Cool story about the investigator coming back to church.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of how you're doing on your mission! We love hearing all about it.
    Love you!! Aunt Jenny

  4. I like the bug too! Super cool. I love getting to see what you're seeing. And I love you!

  5. We love all the pictures and stories. So fun to hear of all your new adventures. It is amazing how many ways there are to grow. We are so proud of our "Little Lucy".
    We did miss you at Powell. You are always in Gdads and my prayers.
    Nicks farewell was great. He gave a great testimony. We will be so happy to hear his stories just as we love to hear yours. Nathan is talking about going directly from High School to mission as is Becka. You have no idea how many people you influence for good - there and here. Love you always.


I DO get to read my blog comments during my once-a-week computer time! Even if it's just something short-- It means a lot to me to hear from you!!
- Lucy