Monday, April 22, 2013

Awkward Easter Dinner

So, this past Easter will forever be known in my mind as "The Awkward Easter". I probably can't even put it in writing how awkward it was. 

To start, our Easter dinner appointment cancelled on us, but our ward mission leader was DETERMINED to find us another dinner. After the second hour of church, he just told us to come over to the dinner that he was having at another family in the ward's house. After a few minutes of his insisting, we told them that we would just stop by really fast and say, "Hi" because we didn't want to awkwardly impose on someone's Easter Dinner. I was pretty sure that I knew where they lived, because the family whose house we were going to had given us a referral before to go and see a family member who wasn't a member of the church. 

Fast forward to an hour after church when we were supposed to go to dinner. 

We pulled up to the house and knocked on the door. And waited. And waited some more. A lady came to the door and let us right in. We walked into the kitchen to find...nothing. No food, no people, just us and this lady. So we start talking to her to try and figure out what the heck is happening and why the heck there aren't any people that we know there...Then she started to shrug her shoulders, shake her head, and speak Spanish. Then the whole situation hit me. Here we were standing in this lady's kitchen, not being about to communicate at all with each other, and not knowing how to explain ourselves and leave the house without looking like total weirdos. Great. 

We awkwardly stood there in silence with her little dogs running around us and jumping on us for what seemed like and ETERNITY and I keep thinking, "Heavenly Father, remember those 3 years of Spanish that I took in High School? Now would be a good time to remember some of that". Ask and ye shall receive, right? I'm racking my brain for some Spanish, and the only word that comes to my mind is "Perro" for Dog. So I say, "Perro" and start petting the Dogs. It was the only thing that I could only defense to awkward.

But then the lady got a call and went to the other room, and I seriously considered just leaving...but it was her daughter in law calling to talk to us to tell us that we went to the wrong house and that we should go a few houses down for dinner. haha

There were a lot more awkward things, but that was the biggest one. 

To finish it up, when we were finally at the dinner, we were having this soup that was chili based and Sister Bowles accidentally spilled it on her skirt and ended up wearing one of the Lady's skirts home. 

And then after dinner, we took some food from dinner over to the lady's house that we had accidentally gone to...super awkward. We were just like, " you go! Bye!" haha.   

It was definitely a good day!


  1. Hahaha you have so of the Most awkward moments ever. Lol but you handle them so well! Or at least... with a good sense of humor and are able to laugh about them. :)
    At least you didnt accidently go to some totally crazy persons house right? Haha I love you!

  2. That is so funny. I am glad that they knew where to call to find you. Good job with the Spanish recollections. (And you thought that Spanish class would never pay off!!!)

    Glad you ended up getting fed. What a sweet thing to do taking soup back to her. Thanks for the story Lucy, and Randi for posting it. We are always thirsty for news from our Sister missionary.

  3. I'm just curious to hear what the REST of the awkward stories from that day were!! I'm glad to hear that you have a mission leader who is so diligent :)

    Are you going to send some Spanish speaking Elders over to that lady's house? I think you should!

  4. Lucy~ That is too funny!! It sounds like a really uncomfortable place to be, but I agree that it was super thoughtful to take some soup back to her. And heck, if that's the most awkward thing that happens on your mission, it's a great story to tell, right? I'm also so glad to hear that your ward mission leader is so on top of things! Aunt Becky :)

  5. Among the things I believe the Lord means for missionaries to experience in the field is to react to days like your Easter with humor instead of tears and embarrassment.

    Those wonderful folks hearing your message have awkward days too and they can identify with you. This is a plus. Good job Sisters. I love you every day. Grandma B


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