Monday, February 18, 2013

New Assignments!

 Hi all!
Things in Nebraska are good! We had transfers this week and Sister Bown went home :( 
But I got a new companion named Sister Watson! She's awesome! So that's pretty exciting. 

I'm loving the Trail Center! We got a new Trail Center Director last month and he's great! So far at every training meeting he's changed something about how things are run at the Trail Center. 
Click here for More info on the Mormon Trail Center - Nebraska
The first thing that he changed was the rule about wearing a cardigan/blazer at the TC. We don't have to always have them on anymore! Yay! 
The next thing was the way that we do tours. We used to just take tours by ourselves, but now we're doing companion tours. So that's cool. 
And the last thing that got changed was kind of big. It used to be that the young sister missionaries only worked at the TC and the senior couples worked at both the TC and the Kanesville Tabernacle, but now the young sisters are going to be working at both! Crazy! We have our first shift at Kanesville this Wednesday, so that's going to exciting! 
Click Here for more info on the Kanesville Tabernacle- Iowa
I'll have to tell you how it goes this next week!
Oh and here's a picture of all of the Sisters at the TC!
Also, our P-day schedule changed. We now have set P-days. Mine will be every Monday!

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  1. Lucy~ It warms my heart to see your smiling face! Were those pictures taken recently? Because if so, it looks like it's warming up where you are! We love you! ~ Aunt Becky :)


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