Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype!

It was so fun to get to see our Lucy yesterday!  She is doing well, and is happy and working hard.  She loves letters from everyone, and promises to write back to anyone who writes to her. :) 

What a fun, fun day!  The Ipad in front of us was Hannah joining in from Colorado Springs.  We didn't give Brandon enough notice or we could have gotten him in there too!

Kevin recorded a little of our conversation.  (The reflection you see occasionally is Hannah from the Ipad)

 And here's her Blog Post for the week:
Happy Mother's Day!!
It was so fun to talk to my family yesterday!!
And I hope that everyone enjoyed the awkward skirt/slip story. (For the record, I had no idea that it was being recorded.) I seem to have had a lot of awkward moments lately... Maybe it's just my life. I don't know...
Things here have been good! I have been transferred to a new area and I have a new companion who is brand new to the mission! NEW! (Sorry I just reread that sentence and I realized how repetitive it was. I thought that I would throw one more in there for emphasis.)
Oh! And one more NEW thing: I am now a full proselyting missionary. So this transfer I won't be at the Trail Center at all, I will just be in the area the whole time. Eek!
My area is the Plattsmouth area and its awesome! It's been kind of weird being in the area all the time. I'm still kind of trying to figure out what to do with myself at times. But its been awesome!

In other news, I SAW A TEACUP PIG! Sister May and I were driving around Plattsmouth, and we saw it there, all cute on the sidewalk. Naturally, we pulled over to take a look. We ended up having a great conversation with the family that owns it. My only regret? I didn't get a picture with it! Dang it! What was I thinking? Come on Sister Harris, priorities!
But other than that, nothing else too exciting is going on. (But what's more exciting than a tea cup pig, really?)
I'll try and send a story or something next time.

Love you!
Sister Harris


  1. So good to be able to see you via Skype. What great stories you have to tell. I'd save it for your homecoming. ;-) Enjoy your full time proselytizing. It is hard work but so worth it. I was talking to Elicia Danielson yesterday after her homecoming talk and we both agreed that serving a full time mission is the BEST!!! Do you remember what I told you during the pioneer trek, about your name??? You are such a light, Lucy. I love reading and hearing how you are doing. God speed!

  2. Lucy~ You are so adorable! I love your happy smile and laugh. The stories are hilarious. I don't think you should save them for your homecoming....I think you should record them here, your family will read them, but then when you are preparing your homecoming talk you can come back to the blog to remember some specific stories. But that's just me. :) Next time you see that cute little pig you have to take a picture...I'd love to see that!! We sure love you and we are so happy to see you happy! ~Aunt Becky

  3. LUCY-

    I didn't realize soon enough this blog existed. Miss you more than ever with your awkward moments, and I'm as proud as ever! I am also much further away from homework than i was an hour ago...Keep doing your thing, I love you.


  4. Lucy you are so fun. It is so great to get to see you and hear about your adventures. Love you so much. Gramzer and Gdad.

  5. Lucy! What a funny story! I love hearing the details of how things are doing out there. Important to set goals--especially modest ones! I think I have shared with you my "tucking" story.

    Wonderful to hear your voice, and to see you. (Kudos to your Dad for thinking of it!)
    Love you! Aunt Jenny


I DO get to read my blog comments during my once-a-week computer time! Even if it's just something short-- It means a lot to me to hear from you!!
- Lucy