Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome to 101 degrees New Companion Sister H!

Hello!  Things in Nebraska are still good! I'm still in Plattsmouth, but I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Huss and she's brand new to the mission! She's really awesome! She's from Ogden, Utah. Yep 3rd brand new missionary to train in a row for me. Usually training is supposed to be for 12 weeks, but both of my other trainees have trained a new missionary after 6 weeks! So I've only trained each of them for 6 weeks, then I get a new companion and they get a new companion. It's crazy. I think that Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be able to mess them up for too long, so He takes them away early :) haha

This transfer we got made full proselyting again! Eek! So now we're going to have LOTS of time in Plattsmouth! The ward is great. Everyone is really nice. We're really working on getting them more involved in missionary work.

Nothing super interesting with townsfolk... we just met someone who knows more about Mormonism than we do...eek. The big show down is Friday. He just invited us to come back and talk with him and his wife. It's kind of scary because he knows the bible really well and has gotten into a lot of anti stuff. Pray for me.
I'm going to be a pro at talking to random strangers by the end of the mission!
Here are some pictures! One of the temperature, one of a pretty sunset, one of Sister Bowles (my first trainee) , and random one of me at a bulletin board with a sticky note on my forehead that says to put on the bulletin board at the council bluffs stake center.
Have a great week! 
Sister Harris


  1. Lucy, you are adorable and awesome. We love you and we are so proud of you! ;)

  2. So fun! Thanks for the pictures! We will most definitely be praying for you! Let us know how it all goes.
    Love you
    Aunt Jenny and Family

    PS, I bet they keep having you train because you are kind, and accepting, and doing a great job!


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