Friday, March 7, 2014

Tranquility Park Adventures

This week has been weird and crazy, but so good! Sister Samuels and I are both loving Tranquility Park! It's been an adventure every day!

Sister Bowles and Sister Harris
We had a super funny/depressing experience on Thursday. We were trying to find a less active, so we went and knocked on her door. She didn't answer, so we decided to try the neighbors and see if they knew her. We went across the street, and a man answered the door and started talking to us. During the whole conversation, he was going back and forth between laughing and being super angry at his wife who left him for the neighbor. It was super sad...and super awkward. But he kind of knew enough to tell us that the less active had moved out. He thought that his wife next door might know more, and he told us to go and ask her.
So we went next door, and ended up talking to his wife's boyfriend for a bit, but while we were talking their dog got out and started chasing the husband's cat around the yard and into the other neighbor's backyard. Pretty soon the whole family comes out and starts looking for the dog.

So, of course S. Samuels and I end up running around in people's yards calling for Marley...eventually we found her and brought her back to the house.
It turns out they didn't have any information for us and they weren't at all interested in the gospel. We got in the car and didn't know whether to laugh or cry...but at least it's a good story.

We did see some cool miracles, though!

Last Monday night we got in contact with two less actives who want to come back to church! The timing of it all was just amazing. We happened to walk up to one as she was getting home, so we got in and talked to her for a bit and she said that she would come to church this week! It's really cool because when missionaries had contacted them before, they didn't really want anything to do with it. It's cool to know that it took white washing the area and having missionaries that have no idea what's going on to have those kinds of miracles.
And, we had a super slow day at the TC the other day. You kind of start to go crazy on those days, because you can only study for so long, right?

So we were just messing around with one of the wheelchairs, and we wondered how long it would take me to get around the gallery in the wheelchair. This, of course, led to an epic tournament of wheelchair racing. Sister Barton won with 42.77 seconds.
It was sweet.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great week - and read your Book of Mormon!
Here are pictures from the last Zone Conference:

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  1. It is really cool when the people are ready, and you're there to help facilitate helping them. So glad you had something to balance out the other experience for the week. Life is crazy. :)

    As usual, I love the pictures. Zone conference looks like it was a good experience.

    Love you and can't wait to see you soon!

    Aunt Jenny

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I bet I could give Sister Barton a run for her money. Bwuahaha.

    I am glad to hear about the less-actives. A lot of LAs would rather talk to missionaries than members - and there's lots of important work to be done even within the Church too! (even though that's not the MAIN purpose of missionaries, and the members should be working on the LAs too... ;)

    Love you Sister Harris!!


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