Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sister Tulley, Sister Harris, Sister Walsh.
 (but look who is NOT the shortest one!!)

Merry Christmas!
I hope that everyone is having a lovely holiday season.
Christmas at the MTC doesn't feel like Christmas at all. At least to me it doesn't. It just feels like winter with some Christmas lights thrown in. But maybe that's Heavenly Fathers way of helping me to not feel homesick, so it's a blessing I suppose. But I'm doing great! I finished my regular missionary training on Saturday, and I start my Visitor's Center Training on Wednesday! (We've been going back and forth from calling it tour guide barbie training and princess training.) I'm so excited to start it!  We're starting off by going to Temple Square on Wednesday and training there! It's going to be so cool!! Our new teachers seem really nice, so it'll definitely be good. I'll let you know what we do in training when I find out what we're doing :)
I've gotta get going now, but I love you all! I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!
Elder Everett, Elder Reheis, Elder Bagley, and Elder Louis. And then the Sisters in the front!
ready for the day

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