Monday, December 17, 2012

The Week of the Bird

Day 12 of my captivity. We saw a bird today. The first sign of life on the compound.

Just kidding. But seriously, we saw a bird today. It shouldn't have been as exciting as it was. Sister Walsh screamed "BIRD!" (But it came out more like buud because she's English and all) We all ogled at the bird for a bit. haha anyways...

Hiya Everyone!!

Life at the MTC is good. It definitely has a lot of ups and downs, but overall it's been great. My companions are still awesome! (Which is good because we've been together 24/7 for two weeks now haha) I feel like we're always laughing at something, or singing some random song that popped into someone's head. Overall, it's just a good time. Ummm yeah. Our days are pretty intense here. We're always doing something, or rushing somewhere. This morning I had some free time and I didn't know what to do with myself. It was just super weird.

It's really fun being here with so many missionaries going all over the world! It's totally normal to be walking to class and see several groups of missionaries all talking in different languages. This morning walking to the book store, we saw 4 companionships walking around. One person in each companionship was covering their eyes while the other person was trying to guide their companion in their mission language.It looked super funny.

I'm learning lots! At the MTC we're focusing more on how to teach than what to teach. If that makes any sense. For example, we think about how to listen to people and be able to discern what they are actually saying so that we can teach them the things that will help them in their life. It's pretty awesome!

We have two class periods each day. Each class period is three hours at a time. So when we're in class, we focus on teaching skills. Or "fundamentals of teaching". We'll talk about that for a while and do a lot of role plays where we take turns teaching each other. We also have "progressing investigators". Which basically means that our teachers take on alternate personalities and we teach them the gospel. We got someone to commit to baptism on Tuesday night! So exciting. It was so funny when we asked him because none of us were expecting him to say yes. When he said "Ok" we all just had this awkward moment. I wanted to be like, "...are you sure?" haha but luckily Sister Tulley jumped in before I could blurt out that little gem.

And we do the TRC's too. TRC stands for teaching resource center (I think...) That's the one where you teach random volunteers. We have one woman who we work with two times a week, and then every other day we teach random people. It's definitely good practice. (Or defo and Sister Walsh would say. I'm slowly becoming British. Saweet!)

We're always in class, teaching, studying, or eating. Oh and we get gym time everyday as well. Gym time is the best! We can either play sports, or do all of the random cardio stuff that you would find at a gym. We can even watch TV while we exercise! But it's the MTC, so they have Mormon Messages play nonstop on one TV, the Joseph Smith Movie play on another, and things like that. But still. Totally awesome.

I also got a calling on Sunday. I'm the music coordinator for church. So basically I pick the hymns that we sing and who plays the piano.

It's been great! Love you all!

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