Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Birthday Ever!

Ok. So I think for every single email of my mission I've promised to send a super long one the next week...so here's the long email that I promised!!!

I'll start with some of the highlights of the week:

-First off, it was my birthday!! It was a great day. I got a ton of letters, and a couple of packages, which were amazing! It was so fun. The best part I think was that our zone got to go to the temple! Best. Birthday. Ever!! haha It was wonderful to go and feel the spirit so strong! Sister Farnsworth was SO sweet and bought me breakfast and dinner. And she got me a super cute scarf! (I kind of have the best companion! haha) 
goofing around
Our neighbor Ashley decorated our apartment while we were gone with signs and balloons.   She's so sweet!
"22 things I love about Sister Harris"
"#1 I love your beautiful, million-dollar smile!"

We also had some lessons with Chris, our recent convert, and with Jacob our investigator. I think that the best part of the birthday was not focusing on myself all day. It was so fun for me to just go and help other people!
Chris with his priesthood certificate
Jacob in his new suit

-Another highlight: Zone conference was this week! We drove to Sioux City and had our conference with the Sioux City Zone. It was awesome!! We had this really great training about the "Loser List" again. (What Elder Robbins talked about when he was here.) Basically it was all about being accountable for ourselves. When we are on the "Loser List" we do things to put off responsibility like blame, have self-pity, run, hide, procrastinate, etc. Instead we need to take 100% responsibility so that we can have 100% control over our lives. Here's a quote from Elder Robbins that I LOVED,

"We are not free because we can choose. We are free because we have chosen wisely".

It was a great zone conference!

-The Plattsmouth Sisters (Sister Huss and Sister Wagher) told me this story about someone that we met while I was serving in Plattsmouth. 
So there was this gas station that Sister Huss and I would stop at all the time so that we could go to the bathroom. We eventually started being friends with a lady that worked there. We would have lots of conversations and she was always super nice. So this week I asked the Sisters about her and they just looked at each other and busted up laughing. They told me that the past week they were there and they started talking to her. She mentioned that she would like to learn more about our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So they, of course, were really excited! The Sisters went out to the car and grabbed a mormon.org card and a Book of Mormon to give to her. They went back in and gave her the card and tried to give her the Book of Mormon, but when she saw it she looked around the store and got really quiet (as if she didn't want to offend anyone) and said, "Oh, I don't want to be mean, but I don't really like Mormons." 
hahaha SO funny!

We had a party  here for Halloween! It was so FUN! We watched 17 miracles and people dressed up! I ended up being a Christmas tree and wrapping myself in Christmas lights and putting a star on top of my head.

Here are a few more pictures just for fun:

I call this one "broken cookies".

Helping at the church
really?  Come on Nebraska!
Tell everyone I love them and thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes, packages, and testimonies!

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