Monday, February 3, 2014

Darkest Week of the Mission (but in a good way)

Sister Harris with Sister Jensen and Hermana Cline 
we got to do some training, and it was great!
Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!

 Some things about our week:
-On Monday night for our FHE we learned self defense! It was super funny....and I was really really bad at it! But it was still good.
-On Tuesday we were at the TC all day. We were on chat in the morning. It was ok. We had a TON of trollers from Romania, of all places. And we talked to a guy from India, and another one from England. Most of our chats weren't so great, and we were almost ready to get off, but then we got a person who was really sincere! He started off kind of rude, but as the conversation progressed and especially as we bore testimony to him he got more and more kind and sincere. Our testimonies are the coolest things ever!!
-Thursday was the CRAZIEST day ever! We somehow overbooked ourselves on appointments, so we went on splits. Sister Jensen went with Ashley, and I went with a cute girl that goes to Iowa Western named Nicole. It was way fun and we got a lot done! Ashley and Sister Jensen saw Aaron and taught him, and Nicole and I taught a new investigator, who also goes to Iowa Western. Then we met up at the end and had another lesson with another investigator. It was AWESOME!! haha
-I can't remember if I wrote about her before, but we met this woman that had just lost her husband to a long battle with cancer. The first time we met her was on the street and we just started talking to her. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she said that we could stop by again sometime, so we stopped by this week. It was really cool to watch her open up to us again. She was super hesitant when we first saw her, and slowly got more and more open the longer we talked with her. Our lesson ended with her telling us that she really liked talking to us and that she wanted us to come back again soon. We also gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she would read it. I love watching the Spirit work on people and soften their hearts!
-Aaron got baptized on Saturday!! It was so fun! S. Jensen and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. While we were talking he kept saying, "Cross my heart yes!" every time we said something that he was excited about. Cute kid! It took him forever to get in the water because he kept talking to Chris (the guy that was baptizing him). The whole room could hear everything that he was saying. It was hilarious! Something like, "And then I'm going to my mom's house tonight and I'm going to church tomorrow, where I'll get the Holy Ghost! I have to put my earplugs in before I get baptized, or else I won't be able to hear!" But it went on forever. It was SO funny!

-Just FYI during the Superbowl isn't the greatest to be knocking on doors...We had a few spare minutes, so we knocked on a potential's door and he answered and said, "Uhhh, you guys know it's the Superbowl...right?" It was actually pretty funny, so that's good.
-The lights in the gallery of the Trail Center stopped working for like two days, and I ended up giving some tours in the dark. This week will forever be known as the darkest of my mission. haha!
I hope everyone is doing well.  Tell everyone I love them!

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  1. Love the pictures, and the fun title for the week!

    You seem to have such a great attitude, and willingness to get in and do the work!

    We love hearing about all you have going on! Thanks for the update!


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