Friday, February 21, 2014


Wow! 2 posts in one week! This one comes via a friend in Lucy's ward, Ashley. She writes:

Just FYI, Sister Harris is being transferred! She is assigned to the Tranquility Park ward in West Omaha! This is her old area....We had a couple of lessons tonight & saw some of her favorite people. She will officially be in her new area tomorrow morning! Sister Jensen is training a brand new sister & Sister Harris is going to Sister Jensen's last area. Kinda cool! So, she has been filling her in on things! I am so sad to see her go! Love that girl so much!

Ashley and Sister Harris
Sister Harris wanted me to send these pictures to you & ask that you post them to her blog. She set a date tonight for Tristan to be baptized on March 8th! 

Sister Harris and Tristan

Also - Don't forget to comment in and tell how you are doing in your Book of Mormon Reading.  She is wondering if people are going to finish strong with her in May!


  1. Just commenting in to say that I am starting the Book of Helaman, so I will likely finish on time, yay! I have loved studying the Book of Mormon this year. Thanks for your testimony Lucy, and for the push to really read all of it, and finish strong with you!

  2. I love seeing the pictures! I am sorry to say that reading/studying for my Gospel Doctrine lessons takes up all my study time, and I am not doing the Book of Mormon challenge. :(
    I always love a challenge though, so I am looking forward to hearing all about the incredible experiences people are having. And I hope to get better/more efficient at teaching my lessons so that I can join you in a future one!

  3. Sister Harris looks so small in these pictures! haha I love it :) I'm starting Mosiah this week, I'm a little behind but I have spring break this week and I can catch up then. Love you so much!!


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