Friday, December 20, 2013

Cool Experience

Ok a cool experience that we had this week!

So we had some extra time one day and we decided that we'd go and try some former investigators in this apartment complex. We went and were trying people and most of them had moved out and young families had moved in. But we talked to some awesome people and gave out a Book of Mormon, so that was good! 

We went to the last door that we had to try, and we knocked on it. A dog inside started barking like CRAZY! So we waited for a minute, and I started to leave. (Ususally when a dog barks, you assume that either people aren't home, or they are home, they hear you, and just don't want to talk to you) Sister Jensen said, "Wait! Let's knock again!" So we knocked again and waited a minute. No one came to the door, so we headed down the stairs to leave. Then the door opened! We ran up to see who answered. It happened to be a young single adult (which is so crazy because a lot of the time when we find people they're married so we have to turn them over to the family ward missionaries) 
She said, "This is the weirdest thing because I was just praying for people to come!" She invited us in and we taught a lesson. She's awesome and invited us back! It was SO cool! 
It's such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father hears each of our individual prayers and answers them! He knows us all so personally and he answers our prayers in exactly the way that we need them to be answered. Sometimes the answer is missionaries knocking on your door when you were just praying for someone to come. Sometimes the answer is knocking on someone's door at exactly the right time and finding someone who is SO prepared to hear the gospel. And sometimes the answers don't come at all in the way that you want them to. But I know that the answers come! I have seen that so much in my life and especially on my mission!
Sister Jensen and Sister Harris

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