Monday, December 2, 2013

December Already

I'm doing great!! Thanksgiving was awesome! We were at the Trail Center. I got to take all of the new missionaries on tour, and then we just had a giant party there. The pie I made was great! I wish that I had taken a picture of it. It was beautiful though :)

After dinner we watched Ephriam's Rescue. It was so fun! It was kind of funny because all of the new missionaries were upstairs having a testimony meeting and we were downstairs watching a movie... Good times!

I got a new coat last week! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's super warm and nice :)
I also got a new companion! I'm still in Loess Hills and my companion is Sister Jensen! She's awesome! She's been out about 9 months, so she came out at the same time as Sister Bowles. 

We're still teaching Jacob! He has his baptismal interview today and is getting baptized on Saturday!! SO excited for him! He is so prepared.

We've found some new investigators and there are some members of our ward who have friends who are ready to learn!!
So there's this community college in our area and a bunch of the members of our ward are from Utah and they come to Iowa to play soccer at the college. (They actually just won nationals! Yay!) But they are all awesome and SO fun! They are all so willing to have us come over and visit them and to introduce us to their friends. There are two friends in particular that we have been trying to get to know and who are totally ready to be taught. One is a kid from St. George, Utah. We'd met him a few times, but for some reason we never really wanted to push anything with him, we just wanted to be there and to be his friend.

So yesterday we were sitting there during sacrament meeting and he gets up to the pulpit. He said something like, "I'm not a member of your church, but I just felt like getting up and speaking. I've been around Mormons my whole life and I've always felt pushed to learn about your religion. I never really wanted to. I just wanted to thank you all for being my friends and for being there for me. Now I really want to know for myself if this is true. I'm ready to find out." What the heck? Our Bishop's face was priceless...I'm sure that mine was too! Anyways, we're hopefully going to be meeting with him this week!

It's so cool how the Spirit works with people to help to prepare them for the gospel. I'm thankful that we didn't push anything and that we just let the Spirit work!

Singing at Thanksgiving 

Since we are in a singles ward we usually cook dinner on our own.  Occasionally someone takes us out to dinner, and there is a member of our bishopric that is always buying us gift cards to places,  but usually we are at home.  
If anyone has ideas for cheap/easy/healthy dinners, we could use them! 

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